Sherry Austin


drive on back

drive on back
parrish painting
diamond mine
i wouldn't lie to you
the sparrow
there was a time
audrey's song


drive by romance

I Laid In Bed All Afternoon
Baby Blue Bonneville
Sapphire Sky
How's the Mustang Running?
Hump Day Roses
All I Can Give



Drive on Back

i was in a parking lot
outside an irish bar
i called you on the cell phone
from the warmth of my car
you were heading south
on that endless highway 5
you thought you might make LA
sometime around nine

you told me how the city lights
were caught in the clouds
driving down that last hill
approaching LA's crowds
i don't have it in me,
that romancing of the road
but it makes me happy
each time you drive home

drive on back to the oaks and redwoods
drive on back to the toyon and madrone
drive on back this girl is  waiting
drive on back your love is all i know

i can't remember the first time
that i knew you were mine
maybe it was driving north
on a stretch of highway 9
i dont' mind the road
if i've got you by my side
a thousand miles traveled
is a sweet and loving ride

drive on back through the canyons and the valleys
drive on back cross the mountains and the streams
drive on back this girl here is waiting
drive on back your love is all i need...

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Parrish Painting
the moon rose over the  mountain
the sky held onto a bit of blue
it  looked like a  maxfield parrish painting
that's when i thought of you

you must have had a dozen posters  
your walls shone with his gift of light
but you had a gift for disappearing
into the black and colorless night

darkened  hour the trees like towers
frame a piece of sky
i wish on stars and passing cars
but they can't tell me why

the pictures showed these carefree ladies
in their flowing grecian robes
trapped in endless idle hours
in summer's twilight glow

I’m tired of wholesale wishes
the world still turns without you
regret's just a sketch of a useless emotion
it only colors you bruised

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Diamond Mine

this is the place i always longed for
this is the life i always dreamed
i am a princess in a fairytale
sometimes baby,  i'm your queen

i've been seduced into believing
things that weren't true to me
but i left all that behind me
i'm as clear as a mountain spring

all my life i've been searching
looking for things  i couldn't find
until i looked deep inside me                             
and i found a diamond  mine              

i think it's just a change of attitude
that put me in this space
i've got my sweetheart and friends  around me
and a big smile on my face

i know that you've been searching
looking for things that you can't find
go ahead, dig a little deeper
past that coal is a diamond mine

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I Wouldn't Lie To You                     

i grew up being proud of my country
and i trusted in the good we could do..      
but right now i see such madness
do you take me for such a fool?
you tell me that we are a free land
you tell me for freedom, this price       
i fear our freedom is leaving  
and all i keep hearing are lies
i wouldn't lie to you  3x    don't lie to me!

have we forgotton from our history and  past wars?
have we  just looked the other  way?
have they scared us so bad we just stopped thinking?
is our freedom the price that we'll pay?
i marched for peace in the 60's
now  see what good it's  done
somewhere we lost our honor...
all lies, no pride everyone?
i  wouldn't  lie to  you  3x    don't lie to me!  
i'm an ordinary person
and i lead a fairly simple life    
but i can see how they keep us in ignorance and fear
don't let them take us for a  ride
their conduct screams  hypocracy
they spin, lie and lose their credibility
the voters simply shrug and look the other way
i can't understand all this apathy today
i wouldn't lie to you... 3x don't lie to me!

you tell us it's evil we're  fighting
excuse me, i'd say it's power, money and greed
put away your guns and ride into the sunset
a  cow boy is  not what we need
just because they  wear a black hat
does not mean that yours is  white
All your deceit will not won't hide it
i think you just want a fight

you tell me that we are a free land
you tell me for freedom, this price
i fear our freedom is leaving  
and all i keep hearing are lies
i wouldn't lie to you...3x don't lie to me!

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The Sparrow

[G] looking out across the [D] empty parking lot
i see a [Cmaj7] sparrow on the pavement
[G]looking kind of [D]lost
[G]pecking out out the last few [D] morsels of seed
a [Cmaj7] meager existence, still he's [G] not as lost as (more alive than)[D] me
[C] he can fly south but [G] i've got my four [D] walls
holding me restraining me
but they won't let me fall

i see the dew sparkling on the grass
growing through the asphalt
finding every crack
a ray of light i'd hoped for
a dark cloud stains my heart
i'm my own prisoner
and that's the scary part
i once soared high above those clouds
i flew like a sparrow
with the new life that i'd found

i need some time to mend, i need to fill these cracks
a sparrow needs to fly, maybe someday he'll come back
i look out my window from the safety of this room
spring won't be too far, and i'll watch the flowers bloom
i could pack my things and fly on out of here
but these walls contain me, they dont' blame me, they protect me from my fears

[G] lookin out across the [D] empty parking lot
i see a [Cmaj7] sparrow on the pavement
[G]looking kind of [D]lost

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There Was A Time

there was a time i thought that i couldn't  live w/out you
there was a time i thought that leavin was all i could  do
there was a time i held a picture of our  lives in my hand
there was a time when the image of you was something i couldn't  stand

there was a time when i just wanted to forget
there was a place where time stood still, i think of it yet
there was a time when i wore my heart out on my sleeve
there was a time when i lost my faith and beliefs

we move through life at an alarming pace
we look in the mirror it's a different face
staring back showing all the years
all the laughter all the tears   

if words could kill i'm sure they would have done me in long ago
if i were stronger then i know i would have let them all go
if i could change some things i don't know if i would
if life were too easy would it be just as good?

we invest our souls in the lives we lead
each day on account we tend our needs
we bank and save until there's no regrets reconcile all our debts

there was a time when i just wanted to forget
there was a place where time stood still, i think of it yet

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Audrey’s Song

i dreamed that you were a bluebird flying
awakening old memories of my own
i thought of words that wouldn't help
a sad lovebird going home

sometimes you remind me of this tree that i know
it takes twenty years to finally bloom
you were firmly rooted yet incomplete
until i saw your love flower in these rooms

i can see how you looked in his eyes
giving up your cautious ways
i see how he held you tight
as if wishes could will you to stay

a sad heart is better than one with regrets
you took a huge leap of faith
songbird singing in the chinese dove tree
precious things are worth the wait

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i learned to laugh again
i learned to smile again
i learned to give it up
when i needed  to
i learned to work it out
i learned to figure it out
i learned to scream and shout
when i needed to

i learned to walk away
i learned the right words to say
i've learned the healing ways
of one more lesson learned
i've learned that life's too short
i learned to stay the course
and i shall have no remorse
for all the things i've learned
i wish i'd learned these things
when i was younger
but it was the thrill of the moment
that i was under
so i'll keep every  single  moment
i'll keep my mistakes, i guess i  own them
ok i took the long way
but i'm not sure it was the wrong way
'cause sometimes the hardest way
is how you learn
i've learned more in my lifetime
i've seen the joy that a smile finds
i've learned that love is the best kind
of learning you can do

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I Laid In Bed All Afternoon  

 i laid in bed all afternoon
and pulled a pillow close
it was you who taught me that
so many years ago

the last time i saw you
you were visiting our child

you drank a beer, than downed another
and hung around awhile

you asked if i was happy
"i suppose", was what i said
i found the things we were missing
but found new holes instead

you sister called me with the news
you ran your harley off the road
somewhere near kailua
and i pulled a pillow close

its funny how i think of us
even after all this time
i just needed to settle down
and you just needed to ride

i wonder if you were happy
riding with the boys
being wild as you wanted
the reckless speed your great joy

our daughter's grown now
she looks a lot like you
but she's got the strength
that never pulled us through

there were times i had my doubts
there were times i was afraid
there were times i pulled that pillow close 
and put on a brave face

i've stopped going in circles
I'm runnin' in a straight line
i found the things i was missing
but reminisce from time to time

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Baby Blue Bonneville

a baby blue bonneville in 1966
cruisin' to the city, tryin' to look hip
my blonde hair blowing 'neath the california sun
flashing the peace sign, this girl was having fun

next summer, '67, a bug was what i drove
hipper than a pontiac, though it moved kinda slow
by turning on and dropping out i thought i'd change the world
niave and idealistic, this california girl

who woulda thought i'd wind up here
you never know where your road is going to veer
i always thought i'd have it made
now i'm just working hard, living to get paid

in '72 i moved far away
got a rusted out olds where the palm trees sway
bad muffler and exhaust leak, well who could refuse?
a free car to a blonde girl who was out on the loose

well, the olds gave up and i bought a dodge dart
a boxy old wagon, but it had lots of heart
had my dog in the back, with nice vinyl seats
i learned to drive a stick with three on the tree


well the years flew by like a corvette off the line
i drove some german cars, man, they were mighty fine
but now i drive a honda, it's kinda low on flash
but it gets me where i'm going and it's very good on gas


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Sapphire Sky

[G] i see you [D] standing [Am] by the [C] trees
[G] your smile [D] apparent through the [Em] leaves
[C] the sun going [G] down [D] backlit those [Em] trees
into a [C] thou-[C/B]sand [Am] dan-[G] cers [D] caught in the [Em] breeze

a soft wind whispers between our eyes
erasing our past and all former ties
your eyes smiling, meeting mine
a quiet moment we shared, you and i

[C] the sun hangs [D]  low in the [G] win-ter [Em]sky
[C] before me [G] i see only [D] truth, no [Em] lies
[C] you're a [D] treasure i never [G] thought i'd [Em] find
[C] like silver [G] leaves against a [D] sapphire [Em] sky

we drew pictures in the sand
brainstorming, making future plans
you picked up a stone and placed it in my hand
a cool smooth gift you gave from the land

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How's the Mustang Running?

i drove a '65 mustang when i was 16
rangoon red with black naugahyde seats
looking for some action, chasing after my dreams
it was only yesterday, or so it seems

daddy thought i was a handful, but i was really rather sweet
i just ran with a faster crowd, we were racing in the streets
i was always late for curfew, then grounded the next week
my life sure had it's ups and downs, when i was 16

how's the mustang running?
you still race it off the line?
they say, how's the mustang running?
you still keep those cops in line?
i got a new clutch last thursday
and the engine's sound and clean
i still drive it weekends and remember being 16

i was cute they say, but i don't remember it the same
'cause i felt awkward and ugly, and i didn't get the grades
the boys hardly asked me out, and i didn't know why
maybe i overcompensated and was loud instead of shy

i used to hang out with a girl, whose name was kathleen
but she went by kathy, man she wore the tightest jeans
she had me cutting class, just to break the old routine
but i was the one getting caught, when i was 16


one weekend night, it must have been near halloween
we stole somebody's pumpkin, then we smashed it in the creek
we must have been just a  little drunk, 'cause when the cops arrived at the scene
they took away my license, when i was 16


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Hump Day Roses

last wednesday i was driving with a thousand other cars
i was late to meet my friends at a little music bar
we'd planned to get there early, then see a good show
then i passed a sign that said, "hump day roses" at the side of the road
it was one of those things that made me smile
caught up in the traffic and traveling some miles
i'm often negletful of life's simple joys
i sometimes miss the quiet when i'm listening for the noise
hump day roses at the side of the road
catching the brakes with the tip of my toes
saw her smiling waving "hello"
selling hump day roses along the side of the road
well i didn't need the flowers, so i brought them to my friend
who was waiting up at Henflings to see our favorite band
she smiled sweetly then wanted to know why
"hump day roses!" was what i replied


monday or wednesday, it doesn't matter much
remember to smile, remember to touch
life is as good as we allow it to be
loving and caring, now that keeps us free


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All I Can Give

[G] the dogs are [Am] barking [D] at the [G] door
but it's only the [C] wind that's [D] blowing
i see you crying in your room
i [C] stand up, then [D] wonder where i'm [G]going
[D] my heart goes out to [G] you [Em] tonight
i [C] know your [D] heart is [G] broken
but [D] my love for you is [G] always [Em] there
[C] even if [D] left un-[G]spoken

you were two days old when i took you home
your sweet face new and shining
eighteen years and i'm just as lost
my  help you are now declining
i cried, myself, so many times
when my own heart was broken
but my love for you was always there
even when left unspoken

so let's [D] dance round the blazing [G]fire
let's [D] sing songs of love gone [G] bad
we'll [D] laugh, we'll cry, we'll [G] scream at the [Em] night
and [C] we won't let our-[D]selves be [G]sad

i often wondered if i gave enough
if you resented the paths that i'd chosen
i wish i'd done things differently
but my choices were sometimes frozen
you're stubborn as me, i know it well
so take this love that i'm giving
and wear it like a protective cloak
now, get up! and join the living



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